Nail tips and trends for this summer

Hopefully entering summer, sandals and mules are already starting to take the place of sneakers. Women who know how to take care of their appearance give special importance to the nails of both hands and feet, since well-groomed ends always attract attention! However, in the summer, more time is required for their care, as the heat and water make the nails more fragile. So let's see some tips for proper nail care this summer!

#1. Make an appointment for a delightful pedicure!

A comprehensive treatment for your nails will save you from many future problems, while at the same time it will help you get beautiful nails, so visit a specialist pedicurist who will not only give you a perfect result but will make sure you enjoy every minute of your visit.

Extra tip: ask him to give you a foot mask as well as a relaxing massage... you will be surprised by the results!

Pedicure Trends

#2. Very good hydration!

UV rays can dehydrate not only your skin but also your nails causing them to become dry and brittle! Sun exposure and swimming in the pool can lead to peeling nails! For this reason, use oils and creams that nourish your skin and nails! Also, it's a good idea to avoid acetone and harsh nail polish removers because they can also dehydrate your nails.

#3. Scrub!

As with the rest of the body, exfoliation is essential for hands and feet. Pay particular attention to places like the heels and between the toes. Of course, don't forget to lightly rub the contours of the nails as well. Finally, add a moisturizer and your feet will glow.

#5. Manicure!

Even if you can't afford to visit a professional to take care of your limbs, you can take care of them yourself. Keep your nails clean, dry, the right length and shape. Do not bite or pull them when they break, instead, you can carefully file them! During the summer nail problems are very common as the lifestyle and weather conditions favor injuries, fungal infections and other problems. In case you see any change in the color, texture and generally in the quality of your nails, you should contact a specialist immediately!

Cute nails!

The new nail trend for this summer is colorful designs that look like children's drawings! Playful nail art full of bubbles, flowers, faces and fruits will monopolize the nails for those who dare to do something different and will raise the psychology of women!

Cute nails

However, if you belong to the club of women who prefer the most minimal designs, then you will love abstract nail art! These are linear designs that come and take off your manicure.

Abstract Nails

Of course, let's not forget that bright colors emphasize our summer tan even more, as well as nudes that will never go out of fashion.

Finally, don't forget that your nails are just as important as your hair, body, face, clothes and makeup and that a woman should be well-groomed from head to toe!

We hope you have a fun, safe and enjoyable summer!

Written by: @georgia_prepoudi