Everything you need to know about makeup this summer!

Finally summer, the most liberating season, is here and we know how eager you are to enjoy it, removing from your everyday life all the formalities of winter.

It's time to replace the office suits, twelve-pounders and hairdressing wool with casual dresses, carefully tousled hair and make-up just enough to show off your tan and gorgeous features!

That's why the summer kit should be small and equipped with the beauty products that will give the extra touches of freshness and shine to your looks!

The flawless, like "unpainted" face, overflowing with health is the look of this summer. To achieve this, forget the classic make up at home. Choose a tinted sunscreen or a BB cream as a base that will create the homogeneity the skin needs. And don't be afraid: your concealer can work wonders, covering all imperfections, replacing heavy make up where necessary!

And because we know you're brimming with confidence, in fact all you'll need in your summer kit is a powder 2-3 tones darker than your skin - to enhance your bronzed tanned look - and a blush, in your favorite shade !

This year, in fact, the blush stars as a central care product, since it is "worn" on the temples and eyelids, enhancing the appearance of freshness and vitality which is a must.

Another of this year's trends, are the shadows with neon colors, which swept the catwalks. Don't be afraid of blue and green that, in dynamic mixes, light up the eyes and create dramatic intensities that will make you stand out.

If this trend doesn't suit you, you can adopt the strong eyeliner lines that are combined with clear skin and nude lips, while the eternally safe choice, a good, rich mascara will make you white-faced and free your hands, giving the necessary intensity and depth in your gaze.

Color, intense color, fire red, sun orange or whatever else you love, you can choose it for your lips and smile. Red in all shades dominates, making the face "illuminate" and shine. Of course, along with the lipstick, make sure to put a lip balm in the toiletry bag that will keep your lips hydrated during the hours you will be under the hot sun – even better if the lip balm also offers sun protection!

And don't forget... The summer kit must definitely contain a good moisturizing cream that will cover the increased needs of your skin after endless hours of sunbathing.

Also, a good face sun cream will complement the moisturizer during the day, offering at the same time the protection you need to avoid dangerous sunburns.

And finally, don't leave home without the cleaning products that will help you keep your skin beautiful and healthy. We know, you would definitely like to take a "vacation" from this routine as well, but trust us, facial care at the end of the day is... of the utmost importance to keep you looking fresh and radiant for many, many years to come!