Sustainable Swimwear

Today, the concept of sustainable fashion has become particularly important. Many companies, like us, have taken action to preserve the environment and sustainability. We are a company that designs and produces women's swimwear and we stand out for using sustainable materials and taking measures that help reduce our harmful impact on the environment.

1. We have taken steps to reduce the use of plastic. Instead of using the usual plastic packaging for our products, we choose recyclable and biodegradable packaging! We created a unique bag from recycled fabric for the packaging of our products.

2. Most of the fabrics we use for our swimwear come from recycled fabrics such as ECONYL®. ECONYL® is a material produced from recycled nylons from fishing nets, plastic bottles from the depths of the oceans. Fortunately we are one of the many companies that use this material to produce swimwear.

3. However, we don't stop there. We have taken initiatives to reduce carbon emissions during the manufacturing and transportation of our products. We have developed a production and management system that aims to minimize CO2 emissions and reduce energy consumption.

With these sustainable practices and the use of materials like Econyl and Repreve, SeaBass swimwear is beautiful, quality and functional and above all, it lasts!

We are dedicated to creating swimwear with less impact on the environment, as well as promoting sustainable fashion. We work with other businesses and organizations that seek to improve sustainability in the fashion industry.

And not only! We are committed to contributing to the planting of mangrove trees with every purchase you make. We work with Eden Reforestation Projects and to plant trees and help reforest areas in need. With every purchase you make, you contribute to the development of natural ecosystems, improving the health of coral reefs and fighting climate change, since trees absorb CO2 from the air.

If you're looking for sustainable swimwear without sacrificing style and functionality, SeaBass swimwear is a great choice.

With our commitment to sustainability and the protection of the oceans and the environment, we can together enjoy our sunbathing with a sense of responsibility and pride 😍