How to find the right swimsuit according to your body type

The time when you will choose your new swimsuit has arrived and at the same time the... headache created by the anxiety of how you will find the swimsuit that will flatter and show off your body while at the same time you will feel comfortable and beautiful in it. Bikini or full body ? With prints or monochrome? Triangle or with reinforcement? You don't have to worry: depending on your body type, you can discover what expresses your style and satisfies all your needs, while you are at your favorite beach!

Pear body type

This is the classic Mediterranean body and is characterized by thin shoulders and waist and a larger circumference. If you have this body type, choose a swimsuit that emphasizes the upper part of the body, with printed designs, bold patterns and embellishments. Combine it with a dark plain brief, following the fashion of mix and match, without frills and cuts that will draw attention to the point in question. A brief with a high cut on the hips, which does not exceed the height of the pelvis, will help to make the bulging hips look slimmer.

apple body type

If you have large shoulders, waist and stomach but your legs are thin, then we suggest you follow the game of contrasts. Focus on your strong point, your legs, by choosing a low-waisted colored lace-up swimsuit. Instead, choose for the top a simple and monochromatic triangle, which will make the shoulders look more symmetrical. Avoid strapless which accentuates the waist and chest even more. If you are a sporty girl, you can choose a sporty one-piece swimsuit that matches your dynamic temperament very well!

"Board" body type

Don't be intimidated by your straight, curvy body. You will create them by choosing a one-piece swimsuit with side cuts or a one-piece with a deep neckline and a high cut on the buttocks, which cause the "effect" of curves and will make your body look more feminine and feminine. If you love bikinis , choose a set with ruffles on the top and brazilian cut bottom , which will make you look more juicy, or a bikini in a retro style that enhances femininity with its style.

For big breasts

Large breasts need attention to choose a piece that will ensure proper support and, above all, highlight it. Choose a good and strong top, which fits properly, without letting the chest overflow or look saggy. Avoid strapless, frills, bold designs, triangles with thin laces and cut outs below the chest. Try a swimsuit with panels, which gives shape to the exuberant chest, comfort to you and, above all, highlights your bust with finesse.

For small breasts

On the contrary, a girl with a small chest invests in a top with built-in reinforcement or padding, which create the desired "effect" of a fuller bust. Ruffles, drapes or fringes as well as large patterns in bra prints help the breasts to appear larger.

For the tummy

One-piece swimsuits offer solutions for the girl who feels insecure about her tummy. In particular, a one piece with a low neckline draws the eye higher, while the crotchet and drape designs work wonders, "transforming" the waist and making it look slimmer. Finally, the vertical stripes slim down the torso even more and "hide" the swollen belly!

For juicy girls

Diagonal and vertical stripes on a one-piece swimsuit – which is a good suggestion for a voluptuous body – amphibious cuts, draping, embellishments on the chest, high cut on the thighs and of course, the favorite color black, are some of the solutions for girls who love their juicy body and want to show it off in the best way!

And now that you know what you're looking for, choose the style and design you like from the new summer collection of SeaBass Bikinis and One-piece Swimwear and get ready for the best summer of your life!