The history of women's swimwear

The history of women's swimwear begins in the 19th century, when women began to swim on the shores of Europe and America. The first swimsuits were usually made of cotton and covered the entire body except for the arms and legs. Subsequently, swimwear took on a more fitted look and was made from materials such as polyester and spandex.

As time went by, swimwear evolved into various styles and designs. In the 1950s, bikinis became popular and gave women more freedom of movement and confidence on the beach. In the late 1960s, most women started wearing the stunning Monokini swimsuit, which leaves the belly exposed.

Today, swimwear has evolved even more and there are more designs than ever. At SeaBass we draw inspiration from the history of swimwear and offer styles inspired by different eras. From timeless classic high-waisted 50s swimwear , to retro 70s swimwear with ruffles and floral patterns, we strive to blend past and present to create swimwear for the future.

In addition, we choose to use materials and technologies that respect the environment. We use sustainable materials such as ECONYL®, a yarn produced from recycled plastics from the sea. We also use digital printing technology, which reduces water and energy consumption and reduces waste.

We are a swimwear store that respects fashion history and the environment, offering original designs that impress and spark interest. If you are a swimwear lover and interested in sustainable options, then SeaBass is the store you need. With the variety of designs and materials used, our swimwear is a great choice for those looking for style and quality, while respecting the environment and society.

In addition, we offer many possibilities to combine the swimwear with other accessories and clothes, such as pareos, dresses and kaftans, creating a complete style. In addition, with the renewed product catalog and constant updates on the @seabassgr Instagram page, we continue to inspire and evolve, always offering the most innovative and stylish swimwear .

We strive to be a store that highlights the history and evolution of women's swimwear while maintaining a commitment to sustainable fashion and protecting the environment. If you're looking for high-quality, stylish swimwear that will make you stand out, SeaBass is a great choice.

Respecting the history of swimwear fashion and our commitment to protecting the environment, we draw inspiration from different eras and trends to create unique and original designs. Be sure to visit our online store to discover the wide variety of designs available, from classic and minimal to bold and colorful styles, all made with attention to detail and quality materials. Search for your favorite design and enjoy your summer destination in style and comfort.